Bringing Diverse People Together in Unity


Bringing Diverse People Together in Unity


Visible Unity is proud to operate three major programs, all of which are available to the community.
The programs are: Visible Community, the Unity Process, and consulting/training in racial
reconciliation,inclusion, and related topics.

Visible Community

Visible Community events and
programs bring diverse individuals together
to share their lives with one another
and to engage in community
activities or projects.

The Unity Process

The Unity Process is a nine-session engagement experience that brings together a diverse group of individuals to exchange and grow through formation, discussion and experience. The process begins with looking inward to examine our own biases, then outward to others to build relationships.


For individuals, organizations, companies,
or groups, Visible Unity is available for consultations
and/or trainings in the areas of reconciliation, diversity, spiritual formation, peace, healing and restoration, leadership, missiology, and inclusion. Consulting
and/or training can be customized to need.

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